If you use a UV tube to clean your drinking water or to reduce algae in your pond then you may have heard that it is recommended to change your UV tube every year.

If you were to look at a germicidal UV tube when it is running (please don’t do this as it can damage your eyes and make you feel very rubbish – the damage is not permanent but it is rather unpleasant!) then it just looks like a blue light. The blue is just the visible part of the spectrum that the tube is producing, the germicidal UVC bit is not visible and can only be detected with a specific measuring device.UV Tube


So although it may look to you like your tube is fine as it is still running, after a year the amount of effective UVC it gives off takes a real nose dive and it is not really doing its job anymore. If you don’t change the lamp all you are doing is burning electricity to light up a pretty blue bulb! (don’t look at it though even if it is old – just in case)

So it is really true that you should change your UV tube on an annual basis if it runs all the time, it is not just a trick to get you to buy more stuff!

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We can also supply almost any type of quartz tube you may need. Most germicidal lamps are housed in a quartz glass tube, this is a particular type of glass that lets the UVC wavelength pass through it so it is important to replace it with quartz glass and not regular glass. Again if you are unsure of what you need please contact us and we will be happy to help