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As you have bought from us in the past we thought we should update you on what is happening in the lighting business and to remind you about Commercial Lamps in case you had forgotten us.

A lot has changed in lighting over the past couple of years, LED lamps have revolutionised the industry. LEDs are now a fully developed range with fittings and styles for just about any application from a delicate ornamental candle bulb to very high power industrial lamps for warehouses and factories.

We have a completely new Web site which shows all of these new lamps! The address is the same at www.commercial-lamps.co.uk

The telephone number is the same 01822 860110 where you will still get a real person answer.

We know some of you don’t like the new style of lamps but don’t worry. Just because you don’t see them in the shops doesn’t mean we don’t have them for you.

Pearl-clearWe can still supply all of your old favourites including the “FAT tubes” even the 8 foot ones are still available call us if you need any of the old style tubes and we also have all of the Ordinary light bulbs in pearl and clear up to 150 watts if you need them but also the 40 watt 60 watt and 100 watt bulbs. Candle lamps, both plain and the pretty ones, golf balls, spotlights and strip lights are still in stock so if there is anything you are missing please call us and we should be able to help.

As you may know we stock a huge range of Kitchen lights and spare parts for under your cabinets including the elusive Sector tubes.

Another of our specialties is UV (Ultra Violet) disinfection or Germicidal lamps. We have a huge range for your pond filters, water supply systems as well as laboratories, medical, and even sewage treatment.

If we don’t have the UV lamp you need in stock we will be able to find it and its quartz sleeve if you need a new one. In fact we can custom cut almost any length of quartz glass tube you need!

LEDs – what you should know:

Apart from offering huge energy savings LEDs crompton 5w led gu10have a very long life, we are getting to the point where a child could grow up in a house and leave home without ever seeing anyone change a light bulb. We have Philips LEDs which are the best quality, not cheap but well worth the cost in terms of quality of light and long life. We mainly stock Crompton LED bulbs which are an excellent middle of the range product from a well respected UK Company again great reliability and performance at a reasonable cost. Finally we have LED’s from Ritelite which are a good value range from a company we have been dealing with for over 15 years.

The reason we do this is because in the Far East a huge number of factories have sprung up to make LEDs, they cannot sell them so the prices are dropping like a stone. Unfortunately to cut costs they are cutting quality, if you buy a cheap LED you will get a cheap LED some will work fine many will not – we will not supply these lamps as the performance may well be disappointing and the reliability suspect which rather defeats the object of a long life lamp.

Workshop lit with LED panelsFor offices and workshops the LED panels do away with the old four tube fluorescent fittings and will make your building compliant with the latest energy standards. This is something building owners will have to address shortly in order to let your building. These are now very good and we find people much prefer working under these panels than the old fluorescent striplights in fact they look more like roof lights than light fittings.

Please call us if you need any help or guidance with you lighting we are always willing to help if we can!

01822 860 110

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