2D Low Energy Tubes

2Ds are a very common family of lamps, there flat profile makes them ideal for lighting large areas without being intrusive. A favourite for corridors and stairwells they like to be turned on and left on they offer very long life and are very energy efficient. We do have some very reasonable priced circular light fittings for 2 D lamps should you need light fittings as well as replacement 2D tubes.


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      2D Low Energy Tubes are common lamps which are frequently found in corridors stairwells and the like. Also called butterfly lamps by some people they have a reputation for reliability and long life. They are also frequently used for emergency lighting. They must not be used with presence detectors or PIRs as frequent switching ruins their [...]
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      These 2D Ceiling Fittings are so good and yet you would probably never think of using them! They are extremely low profile at only 70mm deep and are white so blend into most ceilings The 2D lamp has a very long life at 10000 hours (over 2 years if you burn them 12 hours a [...]
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      These are a direct replacement for a compact fluorescent LED 2D lamp. We are big fans of the humble 2D as it is a very useful and efficient lamp, however now you can have one that is even more efficient! 2Ds usually have a long life but these replacements have an even longer life at [...]
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      These 2D Shape Fly Killer UV lamps are very economical and effective.

      They are only available in 4 pin

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