Control Gear

This section contains many products which are needed to run either fluorescent tubes or what are called discharge lamps, these are the SON (sodium) Metal Halide and Mercury lamps. You will find a wide range of options so if you are unsure please call us we have people who are very experienced in maintenance of lighting installations


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    • Control Gear Kit Son or Metal Halide
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      This kit includes all the components you need to run a metal halide or Sodium (SON) lamp. Ideal for repairing an old fitting that you don’t wish to change.

      1 x Ballast,
      1 x Capacitor,
      1 x Ignitor

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    • Control Gear Kit Mercury
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      The Control Gear Kit Mercury includes all the components you need to run a mercury lamp. All you have to do is select the wattage lamp you want to run.

      1 x Ballast, 1 x Capacitor

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