Fluorescent Low Energy Bulbs

There are hundreds of different Low Energy Bulbs available now and they are a far cry from the yellow lamps of the old days that took ages to light up. We have tried to arrange them so you can find the one you want but if you get confused please call us and we will try and point you in the right direction


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      These Helix Fluorescent Low Energy Bulbs really make changing to low energy lighting very simple. The saving for each lamp you change will be typically £ 15.00 per lamp per year, as in normal use they will last over 8 years that is a worthwhile saving. As with all energy saving devices you have to [...]
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      AT LAST A REALLY SMALL LOW ENERGY LIGHT BULB THE Micro Helix Fluorescent Low Energy Bulbs This lamp is an alternative to normal and low energy candles. It is so small it can fit in every holder we have found! The diameter of the base is only 30mm and the helix design of the lamp [...]
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      We have found some excellent low energy bulbs "High Wattage Fluorescent Bulbs" that will replacement lamps for commercial light fittings. They can be retrofitted into existing fittings by isolating the switch gear in the fitting and taking the supply directly to the lamp holder. We can also supply complete fittings specifically designed for commercial and industrial applications. [...]
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      Available in 3 and 11 watts these fluorescent low energy candle bulbs will still give significant energy savings with this lamp.

      Ideal if you do not like LED but would still like to save energy