Oven/Appliance Lamps

Lamps for ovens, cooker hoods and other appliances such as microwaves, sewing machines, etc. We have various fittings and sizes of bulb.


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    • small screw cooker hood lamps
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      Cooker hood lamps are specially designed for this application as they withstand the vibration of the extractor motors.

      They have a small screw (SES) base and are available in 25 and 40 watt versions

    • three Oven Lamps
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      Oven lamps are designed to withstand the high temperatures found in cooking appliances.

      Simply match the one that comes out of your oven for a trouble free replacement

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    • small screw cooker hood lamps
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      Appliance lamps are used in all sorts of places. These are suitable for many uses including refrigerators, microwaves, sewing machines, vacuum cleaners etc.

      It is pretty simple to find the one you need, just match up the wattage and base