Picture Lights

As their name suggests, these light generally go over the top of pictures! There are low energy versions available now which offer much longer life


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    • Architectural Lamps
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      Architectural lamps are long filament lamps that can be dimmed, unlike fluorescent tubes.

      There are two bases, a round pin and an oval pin which is also called an S14s base

      We only have limited stock available

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    • LED picture light
      LED striplight base
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      LED double ended tubular lamps for use in shaver lamps and concealed lighting. Energy saving with low power consumption. • 30,000 hour life • 2700K warm white colour • Opal finish • Instant full light • Standard 221mm length • Not suitable for dimming • No mercury or hazardous materials • For indoor use only

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    • Picture Lights
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      Picture lights are filament lamps used in the fittings over pictures.


      Still available in both clear and opal!

      S15s Base