PL Lamps

High quality light output and a long life, these lamps have a wattage corresponding to their length so you can’t order the wrong wattage – you do need to order the correct colour balance when re-ordering however.


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      These lamps have two different styles of layout, the loops or tubes can be arranged in a triangle or in a row The wattages are not interchangable and you cannot fit the wrong lamp in the lamp holder Again colour tone is important, you need to make sure you match your existing lamps They come [...]
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      These a small simple low energy lamps that need a dedicated lamp holder, they are also known as Lynx S. Dulux S and Biax S the S stands for single loop There are several colour tones to choose from it is important that you are consistent as the difference is very noticeable when seen together [...]
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      High efficiency used in place of normal fluorescent tubes, also found in display and signage lighting Also called DuluxL BiaxL and LynxL - the L stands for long! High quality light output and long life makes them ideal for offices shops etc. Being triphosphor tubes they do not yellow with age It is important that [...]
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      These lamps are commonly found in downlighters, they are quite powerful low energy lamps with a very long life They need the correct lampholder and you cannot change from one wattage to the another easily The wrong lamp will not go into your fitting because they have plastic flanges which prevent this, if you have [...]
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    • Double Loop Flat PL
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      Also known as a PL-F lamp these are designed for use in flat light fittings either wall or ceiling mounted.

      Simply match the wattage and colour of your existing lamp