Sodium Lamps (SON)

Sodium lamps need control gear to operate (you cannot plug them straight into the mains) They usually give an orange light


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    • White Son
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      White son lamps are very different from ordinary sodium lamps as they use dedicated control gear and have a 2 pin base.

      They produce a very “warm” light mainly white but with strong yellow and orange overtone


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      These are the common "orange"lights you see in car parks, street lighting and many other applications Their qualities are reliability, long life, and low energy consumption Also known as vialox, nav, SHP. lucalox A SON T is tubular like a cucumber and the SON E is elliptical like a rugby ball They are are only [...]
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    • Plant Growth Son
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      Also known as Planta, plantastar, growlux brite-grow, grolux, son agro, growlights and green power.

      These lamps are specially configured to enhance plant growth.

      They are used in Hydroponic systems as well as horticulture.


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      Usually found in flood light fittings these are a double ended version of the son lamp - not to be mistaken with the double ended metal halide one! You cannot change the wattage of the lamp when replacing it They offer long life (20,000 hrs) and high lumen maintenance Common in industrial buildings where an [...]
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