2D Ceiling Fittings

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Product Description

These 2D Ceiling Fittings are so good and yet you would probably never think of using them!

They are extremely low profile at only 70mm deep and are white so blend into most ceilings
The 2D lamp has a very long life at 10000 hours (over 2 years if you burn them 12 hours a day every day) They are also all triphosphor so give out a good quality light that maintains its colour throughout its lifetime (unlike cheap fluorescents which inevitably fade to a sickly yellow)
These fittings have high frequency control gear for instant start, long lamp life and flicker free operation

They are very easy to put up (I could do it so they must be!) and the cover can be removed in a few seconds simply by rotating a few clips.

A 2D puts out an awful lot of light for the wattage and the shape of both the lamp and fitting means the light is spread evenly just like a pendent light. The 28 watt 2D is about the equivalent of a 100 watt bulb – this is a conservative comparison!

All in all these are a great low energy option to use as general room lighting if you don’t want to use a pendant light with a conventional low energy bulb

Fitting Dimensions:
70mm Deep
345mm Wide

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16 watt, 28 watt