80mm Antique Globe

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80mm Antique Globe bulbs have been increasing in popularity recently particularly in pubs and hotels but they can also be used in any light fitting you want (as long as the wattage is ok)
This antique globe lamp has a beautiful hand wound filament that gives the effect of a renaissance style of light bulb. It looks amazing in full view when lit
They are available with two different styles of filament; one has a long straight filament that winds up and down, the other has a long spiral filament that goes around the centre of the bulb. You can simply pick the one you like the look of!
They are 60 watts and are dimmable. They give off a warm incandescent glow so are perfect for decorative lighting
To top it off they also have a 3000 hour life which is three times the usual life of a filament bulb!
80mm wide and 118mm tall

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