Activa Daylight Tube

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The Activa Daylight Tube is now available in T5 (6mm diameter) in addition to the usual T8 (26mm diameter)

If you aren’t sure which one you need just check the wattage of the fluorescent tube you are replacing and order the same wattage Activa

These are the real SAD tubes, true natural daylight from normal fluorescent light fittings, you do not need expensive light boxes with all their wild claims the Activa is the proper way to combat SAD syndrome, also known as winter depression

They do not need special light fittings and so are ideal for your offices as well as at home
You get the benefits all the time the light is switched on you do not have to set aside a special time to stare at a light box.

They work by stimulating the Pineal gland and fooling your brain into thinking it is enjoying a nice bit of sunshine, just what you need on the dark days of winter.

The quality of the light is superb, it is very easy on the eye not at all intense, it doesn’t need to be mega bright to work, it is the spectrum that is important and the Activa delivers 98% of the natural spectrum including all the important bits.

We have been selling these tubes for many years and we use them in our own offices, (you are welcome to visit us and check if you wish).

What normally happens is a customer will buy perhaps 6 or 10 tubes for a trial in an area of their offices or building, within 2 weeks they are back buying enough for the rest of the offices, their employees all want the “good lamps” as well, once you have worked with them you will not want to go back to ordinary fluorescent tubes.

Another benefit is the quality of way the tubes show colours correctly, normal fluorescent distort colours Activas don’t.
They are absolutely ideal for use where you have little or no natural daylight in a room they cannot replace a view but they can replace the natural daylight you may be missing.
Beware of imitations, we hear of them all the time, some very wild claims are made for all types of products; we have complete confidence in the Activa which is born from long term use and customer satisfaction not from advertising hype.

Here is what Sylvania ( they make them!) say about Activa Fluorescent tubes:
* Full _spectrum high colour rendering T8 fluorescent lamp.
* Colour rendering: RA98/Class 1A
* Colour temperature of 6500K (daylight characteristic)
* For all applications where natural colour rendering is required.
*Supports the treatment of Seasonal Affective Disorder (Winter Depression)

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14 watt, 18 watt, 28 watt, 35 watt, 36 watt, 54 watt, 58 watt, 70 watt


549mm, 1149mm, 1449mm, 1149mm, 2ft, 4ft, 5ft, 6ft