Anticorrosive Fittings

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Product Description

Sturdy Anticorrosive Fittings for lights

They are fully enclosed and sealed to be dust tight and water jet proof.

Ideal for outside use they can be completely water proof or anywhere where the conditions are less than ideal.

Ours are high frequency so you get instant start-up and no flickering, longer tube life and better energy efficiency.

You often find them in multi storey car parks but also in commercial Kitchens and anywhere where damp or humid conditions exist.

All in all good quality, modern energy efficient Anti corrosive or Non Corrosive light fittings at very reasonable prices.

Just one thing – you cannot use them in cooker hoods or directly over grills in commercial Kitchen it is just too hot and the covers will melt in time.

For some reason we don’t understand this type of fitting is never supplied complete with the tubes, this goes for all manufacturers, but our prices do include tubes so you won’t be disappointed when open the box.

Available in single or twin tubes from 2ft. to 6ft.


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2ft, 4ft, 5ft, 6ft

Number Of Tubes

One, Two