Bohemian Candle

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Bohemian Candle a striking decorative candle lamps, ideal for candelabra, chandeliers or anywhere where appearance is important.
Available in UK base sizes except large screw.
Lately the Manufacturers have changed the design slightly and the extended tails are no quite as long as before which you may notice if you put new ones in next door to old ones it is only a few millimetres but it is definitely shorter

Frosted or Satin ones are no longer allowed under the new EU regulations so once our stock has run out we will not be able to offer them. If you really want them then please give us a call or look at the Halogen G9 adapters where you can buy a base and a glass cover which will give you the look you want


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Bayonet, Small Bayonet, Small Screw


25 watt, 40 watt, 60 watt


Clear, Satin