Budget Sodium Floodlight

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Product Description

This Budget Sodium Floodlight is the best value floodlight we have ever been able to offer for sale.

It is cheap to run at just 70 watts but because of the orange colour it looks much brighter to the eye.
The lamps are very long lasting just like streetlights; you don’t see them changed very often do you.
They do take a white to warm up so are not good as security lighting as they do not like PIRs.
Used with the optional Photo cell you can fit and forget as the light will only come when it is dark and go off when it is light.
Another option is to fit a plug in timer to the power supply and control it that way.
A great low cost light for car parks, which will give many years of very economical use.

We are very particular about only supplying good quality lamps and light fittings that we have rejected many lower cost light fittings in the past.

We have no qualms about recommending this flood light; it is well built, sturdy and very durable.

It is made of a modern composite material which cannot rust or rot.

The cover is acrylic and is secured by five screws to ensure no water penetration; it also had a large rubber sealing ring which the front seals against.

It comes complete with a lamp of course and a sturdy mounting bracket.


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