Ceramic Metal Halide Reflector

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Product Description

Ceramic metal halide reflector lamps are a small range of very high quality spot lights with a standard screw fitting.

They still need control gear to operate but offer a very well directed spot light giving very crisp white light that remains constant over it’s long life.

Ceramic metal halides have excellent colour rendering which is why they are popular in retail lighting. They are mainly found on track lighting and projectors accenting merchandise or architectural features.

There are two physical sizes, 63/64 mm across the front and 94mm across the front

There are also Double Ended Ceramic Metal Halide bulbs as well as Single Ended Ceramic Metal Halide bulbs if that is what your fittings require


Additional Information


35 watt, 70 watt


R64, R95

White Colour

Cool White, Warm White