Control Gear Kit Mercury

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Product Description

The Control Gear Kit Mercury includes all the components you need to run a mercury lamp. All you have to do is select the wattage lamp you want to run.

Many people have old light fittings and floodlights that fail and they don’t wish to replace them with a different looking one. These control gear kits will enable you to completely renew the inner workings of the light and will keep it going for many more years to come!

We don’t pre-wire them for you but we can offer advice on how to do so. Of course really they should always be installed by a suitably qualified electrician

1 x Ballast
1 x Capacitor

Another option for repairing an old light fitting is to completely bypass any old control gear and fit an LED Corn Bulb or Compact Fluorescent Bulb, neither of these require control gear so when they fail you know it has to be the bulb at fault! By changing to either LED or fluorescent you will probably save a bit of energy too!


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125 watt, 250 watt, 400 watt, 50 watt, 80 watt