Control Gear Kit Son or Metal Halide

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This kit includes all the components you need to run a metal halide or Sodium (SON) lamp. All you have to do is select the wattage you want

We don’t pre-wire them but we can offer advice on how do do so. Of course really they should always be installed by a suitably qualified electrician

Metal Halide lamps give a white light and often use “SON” ballast to operate them, be sure to correctly identify your gear and lamp! They can also be run on Mercury control gear but this is less common – if you arent sure please call us to check

Son lamps commonly have these brand names, NAV, NAV-E, NAV-T, LUCALOX, SHP-T, SHP-E, SHX and many variations on these. If your lamp gives an orange light it is most likely it is a sodium lamp (although if it is very long it may be a SOX lamp – it will usually say on the bulb itself)

The other fun bit with son lamps is they sometimes have an internal ignitor. You can check this in one of two ways, either look at the bulb itself and it should have a triangle on it with either an E or an I in it. If it has an I in it then it has an internal ignitor. The other way is to look at your control gear and see how many components are there, if there are only 2 then again your lamp willl have an internal ignitor. It is important not to put an extrnal ignitor in if your lamp already has one – the two components tend to fight and the lamp ignitor generally comes off worse!

1 x Ballast
1 x Capacitor
1 x Ignitor

(Brand of the components may vary)


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100 watt, 150 watt, 250 watt, 400 watt, 50 watt, 70 watt