Eterna T4 Kitchen Light Kits

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Product Description

Eterna T4 Kitchen Light Kits and will easily replace your failed Eterna fitting.

You can use your existing wiring so no electrician required!

If you are in any doubt please call us and we can make sure you get what you need.

They can be used behind any pelmet to give an indirect lighting effect or in cabinet or bookcases, they give off very little heat, and as a fluorescent tube is a true low energy lamp they are also cheap to run.

The kit includes a 2 metre mains lead and mounting brackets. It also includes a bulb so you don’t have worry about that.

The tubes are called T4 because they measure four eighths of an inch in diameter, about 12.5mm they normally have plastic end caps.

If you are replacing all your fittings or installing new we would recommend the T5 kitchen light kits instead as the technology is more advanced and they have been proven to be more reliable – they also are more standardized than the T4 fittings and tubes making finding replacements much easier


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6 watt – 270mm, 10 watt – 390mm, 16 watt – 520mm, 20 watt – 620mm

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