Festoon Light Ropes

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Product Description

Unfortunately these are no longer being manufactured by our supplier so once our stock has gone its gone! So hurry and get the Festoon Light Ropes

We only have the 15 Metre 40 lamps ones left

These are professional quality festoons or light strings; they are top quality and will last for many many years.
The lamp holders are strong moulding with excellent rubber seals.

They take normal bayonet light bulbs either GLS (Ordinary bulbs) or 45mm GOLFBALLS of 25 watts or lower
You need to be careful with the longer festoons as the amperage can build up quite quickly – if in doubt please give us a call for information.
You can use the LED golf ball lamps which are now quite good and do away with any load problems they also cost much less to run, a very green option if this is important to you.

These festoons are suitable for outside use all year round and they come with a weatherproof plug (It’s a round 3 pin one – not your usual 3 pin wall plug)

There is a 3 metres of cable before the first lampholder.

We don’t supply the lamps with them as everybody wants something different

Coloured, opaque and clear light bulbs are available elsewhere on the website