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We all know we should be saving energy but it is not easy if your home is full of 50 watt down lighters

The problem with changing from the tungsten halogen bulbs to low energy is that the best low energy lamps are longer than the filament lamps and stick out of the fittings.

With these down lighter fittings this is not the case and you can fit any type of lamp in them, they even come with two lamp holders should you change your mind about the type of lamp you want to use.

This is an elegant, stylish and robust fitting that will take every 50mm spot light we sell including the LEDS

The tilting one can be rotated in its hole and the tilting version tilts 30 degrees so you can direct the light output. (The non tilting obviously doesn’t tilt at all!)

A quality cast aluminium down lighter fitting with a finish of great quality. Much better than the pressed steel ones!

The lamps you can use in this fitting are the following:

12v 50mm ( Sometimes called MR16) Dichroic spotlight.
240 volt GU10 (Twist & Lock) spotlight, sometimes called a hi-spot.
Led’s (Light Emitting Diodes) come in both 12 volt and mains versions and both fit in the fitting.

It fits ceilings up to 35mm thick and is suitable for single and double thickness plasterboard.

They are made of aluminium which resists warping and dissipates heat efficiently.

If you are fitting 12v lamps you will need a transformer – we recommend one for each lamp so if it fails at a later date all your lights don’t go out at once!


Non-Tilting Fitting Dimensions
Cut-out: 70 mm
Height: 30 mm
Diameter: 80 mm
Recess Depth: 130mm

Tilting Fitting Dimensions
Cut-out: 85mm
Diameter: 92mm
Height: 30mm
Recess Depth: 130mm


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Brush Steel, Chrome, White

Fitting Type

Non-Tilting, Tilting