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Flame Tip Filament LED Candle Bulbs

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Do you want to save energy but hate the look of modern low energy bulbs? Well these flame tip filament LED Candle Bulbs from Prolite are the perfect solution!

These LED filament candle lamps are designed to look just like the traditional filament light bulb you know and love but they are only 3 watts! Changing over is simple, just take out your old bulb and replace with one of these. (Do be careful not to use them with a dimmer switch – even if you don’t actually dim the lamp as LEDs really hate being on a dimmer if they aren’t designed for it)

Perfect for use in decorative fittings, they can be left in full view as the led has been cleverly designed to look like a filament! They will look fantastic in a chandelier as from a distance they will look just like the old style bulbs but only use a fraction of the energy! Also as chandeliers tend to be in hard to reach places these low energy blbs wont need changing as often as their filament or even CFL counterparts.

Of course the best bit is they come with all the benefits of an LED lamp which include:

A++ Efficiency Rating
Long life – 6000 to 15 000 hours as opposed to 1000 for a filament bulb
Warm white colour – 2700K
Instant full light – LEDs have no warm up time
No UV output so they won’t fade nearby walls or furnishings
With no thin filament to worry about you’ll find them much tougher too.
They are not suitable for use with dimmers yet but I’m sure they are working on it!

Lumen: 350

25 watt equivalent

35mm wide (just like a normal ordinary candle)
119mm tall

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