Fluorescent Hi Bay Fittings

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Product Description

These Fluorescent Hi Bay Fittings are the latest development in low energy industrial lighting and are proving massively popular. They are just like the standard Hi Bay fitting you are used to but instead of a Metal Halide or Sodium (Son) lamp they use a compact fluorescent lamp

They offer substantial wattage savings – the 150 watt will replace a 400 watt Metal Halide

They do not require special control gear so eliminate the problem of lost ballasts. It is also very simple to change the wattage if needed by simply changing the lamp (this is not possible with Metal Halide or Son)

They produce a crisp white light which gives excellent colour rendering and have high lumen maintenance
We have supplied many hundreds of them now and have alot of positive feedback – infact one customer asked us for lower wattage lamps as they were too bright!

If you would like more information on these fittings please give us a call on 01822 860 110 or contact us by email

These luminaires are specifically designed to maximise the light output of the compact fluorescent lamp. The aluminium reflector is made of spun aluminium with a highly reflective internal surface and is ideal for industrial applications and certain retail and commercial situations. The polycarbonate luminaire allows maximum light emission. Each luminaire can have a bottom cover if required


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150 watt

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Acrylic, Aluminium