Fluorescent Low Energy Candle Bulbs

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Now mostly superseded by LED candles fluorescent low energy candle bulbs are still available if it is what your prefer.

They have a warm white (2700K) colour so give a warm, restful atmosphere. This Low energy candle is rated for 15000 hours life!

The 3 watt is equivalent to a normal 15 watt incandescent candle lamp the 11 watt is equivalent to 60 watts so you can see you will get some significant energy savings with this lamp.

Unfortunately it is not dimmable.

The benefits of using these lamps are twofold, first you won’t be changing lamps as often and secondly you will more than save the cost of the lamp over its life in reduced energy bills.

If you are after even more energy savings then take a look at the LED Candle or if you are really into the vintage look the Antique Candle is a modern twist on an old style lamp!

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