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Glass LED GU10 Bulbs

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Product Description

These glass LED GU10 bulbs from Crompton are a fantastic addition to the range. If you have twist and lock spotlights and would like to upgrade to LED but don’t like the look of many of the options available then these lamps are for you.

They are an LED retrofit lamp designed to look just like the halogen bulbs they replace but they have a huge advantage – they are only 3 or 5 watts! You could use one of these in a fitting where the lamp is visible if you wanted to.

They use the latest “chip on board” or COB technology. With a COB type lamp a wafer thin LED crystal is bonded directly onto an aluminium circuit board which means it can cool better. The LED crystal has a much larger surface area than an SMD so it is a single large spot of light rather than lots of smaller spots like the SMD. The COB type is more efficient.

They have a 20,00 hour life and come in 2700K which is a warm white colour. This matches the colour from halogen bulbs.

Use the 3 watt if you are replacing a 35 watt halogen bulb and the 5 watt if you are replacing a 50 watt one.

All you need to do to change is remove the original bulb and fit one of these – there really is no more to it than that! LED lamps contain no mercury and do not flicker so are great if you don’t like fluorescent low energy bulbs. They also produce no UV so will not fade paintings etc.

They are suitable for use in fire rated downlights.

A dimmable version is coming soon! In the meantime check out our other dimmable LED GU10 bulbs


50mm wide and 54mm tall

Lumen output:

3 Watt 250 Lumen

5 Watt 400 Lumen

40 degree beam angle

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3 watt, 5 watt