Globe Lamps

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These large Globe Lamps make a great change from ordinary light bulbs, they look superb with just a small “coolie” type lampshades.

They are 95mm in diameter and are only available in opal.

They are not all made by the major manufacturers anymore unfortunately but they are still available if you really like them!

Clear Globes are very difficult to find but we may still be able to help you if you really want some – please get in touch if you would like them and we will have a good search for some! Alternatives for clear filament globe lamps are the Antique Style Globe Lamp or if you want a low energy alternative there is the  Filament LED Globe.

Yet another alternative that will also offer some energy saving is the halogen Adaptor and Covers for the Halogen Adaptors. Halogen adaptors are basically a base with a G9 bulb and a separate cover that can be changed depending on the style of lamp you want!


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100 watt, 60 watt

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