GLS Shape LED Bulbs

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40 to 75 watt equivalent GLS LED bulbs. Dimmable and available in very warm white colour. GLS shape LED bulbs are a simple way to replace an ordinary filament lamp or compact fluorescent bulb with a lamp that will last for years


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Product Description

These GLS Shape LED Bulbs by Crompton are an update to their range. They have been busy improving the efficiency of the lamps as well as the colour. They are made of lightweight thermal plastic so are much lighter than the older ones without sacrificing quality.

The price on these bulbs is very reasonable considering the quality. We have seen a lot of cheap LED bulbs but none of them perform as well as they claim to – not so with these lamps. They are available in 2700K and 6500K.

2700K is a very warm white colour, very similar to incandescent light. 6500K appears much brighter to your eye and contains more blue – this is good if you are looking for task lighting or just want a clean, more clinical light.

We will not put second rate LED lamps on our website so you can be sure that these lamps perform as they should. The light is spread evenly and the lamp comes on instantly when you press the light switch with no warm up time. LED bulbs contain no mercury and do not flicker so are great if you don’t like the fluorescent low energy bulbs.

They also have a massively long life of 15 000 hours (a filament bulb lasts around 1000 hours) so in a domestic setting they should last around 5 years, all the time saving you a significant amount of energy.

There is a dimmable option which will work with most modern trailing edge dimmers. We use these ourselves and are happy to say they perform their job perfectly!

6.5 watt = 40 watt equivalent

10.5 watt = 60 watt equivalent

13.5 watt = 75 watt equivalent

14 watt = 75 watt equivalent


6.5 watt: 102 mm tall and 57 mm wide

All other wattages: 110 tall and  60 mm wide

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Additional Information


Bayonet, Screw

White Colour

Daylight, Warm White


No, Yes


10.5 watt, 13.5 watt, 14 watt, 6.5 watt

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