Grolux Tubes

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Product Description

Grolux tubes are fluorescent lamps that stimulate plant growth in locations with no or insufficient daylight by providing the correct balance of blue and red energy, as well as combining in one source – rather than in two or more – the energy needs of plants.

Suitable for artificial lighting of plants, greenhouses, horticulture and aquarium plants.

These Gro-Lux fluorescent tubes have a rated life of 15,000 hours.

They will operate in a normal Fluorescent Fitting and are T8 diameter (the same as a regular fluorescent tube)

High level of red and blue radiation to stimulate plant growth

Stimulate photo and chlorophyll synthesis

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18 Inch, 2ft, 3ft, 4ft, 5ft


15 watt, 18 watt, 30 watt, 36 watt, 58 watt