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Halogena are mains voltage lamps which can be used as a substitute for ordinary light bulbs. 60 watts, opal, bayonet base. Also known as halolux and halotone


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Halogena are mains voltage lamps which can be used as a substitute for ordinary light bulbs.

They give an intense very white light which doesn’t “yellow” with age. They show colours very accurately and so are ideal for display lighting. Other uses are in uplighters and wall wash fittings.

They have been superseded by the newer halosaver bulbs now and are no longer manufactured so we can only supply them in 60 watts in opal with a bayonet base.

They are also known as halolux and halotone.

An alternative product would be the Halogen G9 adaptor which can be used on its own or with a huge variety of interchangeable covers

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