Halospot AR111

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Product Description

The Halospot AR111 lamp is also known as the halotone or aluline depending on who makes them. They are a useful decorative and accent lighting product.

It has an aluminium reflector for better beam control and a metal cap over the filament to avoid direct glare.

They are mostly used in retail lighting as they give a very bright, high quality light with low glare. They also have very good colour rendering which is important when used as shop lighting.

They can be used in open luminaires.

This one has the G53 base and connects with two “spade ” connectors on the rear of the reflector

As usual there is a fantastic LED replacement AR111 available now that will give similar performance for far less energy. They are well worth looking at if you use a lot of these halospot AR111 lamps as you could save yourself a significant amount of energy with no reduction in light quality and of course you will need to change lamps far less often!

Diameter 111mm
2000 hour life

12v AR111 Halogen Lamps G53


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100 watt, 35 watt, 50 watt, 75 watt