Helix Fluorescent Low Energy Bulbs

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These Helix Fluorescent Low Energy Bulbs really make changing to low energy lighting very simple.

The saving for each lamp you change will be typically £ 15.00 per lamp per year, as in normal use they will last over 8 years that is a worthwhile saving. As with all energy saving devices you have to put some capital in first to save later.

What is certain the cost of electricity will continue to increase! The ‘traditional’ low energy colour is warm white (2700k) this is (as the name suggests) a warmer light most like incandescent light. These lamps are now also available in Daylight (6400K) which is a much crisper, white light. Daylight shows colours much more accurately and seems brighter to the eye than warm white.

Should you need a smaller lamp or less wattage have a look at the Micro Helix in this section. The 30 watt is a great lamp for snooker and pool tables

The 30 watt lamp is equivalent to a 150 watt incandescent (normal) light bulb and the 25 watt is equivalent to a 75 watt lamp so they both give big savings on your energy burn!

Not only that they have a rated life of 8000 hours which is 8 times a ‘normal’ bulb.

11 watts = 50 watts measures 106mm

15 watts = 75 watts and measures 111mm

18 watts = 90watts and measures 123mm

An ordinary light bulb measures around 110mm.

The 30 watt lamp measures 149mm in length

The 25 watt lamp is 140mm in length

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Bayonet, Screw


11 watt, 15 watt, 18 watt, 25 watt, 30 watt

White Colour

Daylight, Warm White