Hi Spot Display Lights

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Product Description

These are high performance spot lights which give a very white clear light

Often used is shops for display lighting. They have a rate life of 2000 to 3000 hours which is about three times the life of a filament spot light

They will fit in most light fittings which currently use filament spots, the sizes are very similar but the light output is much better!

They can be dimmed with an appropriate dimmer switch
The High Spot 63 measures 63mm across its face, the High Spot 80 is 80mm etc. etc

The High Spot 63 is a PAR20
The High Spot 80 is a PAR25
The High Spot 95 is a PAR30

You can choose to have a Flood of 25 to 30 degrees and a SPOT of 10 degrees


Additional Information


Hi Spot 120, Hi Spot 63, Hi Spot 80, Hi Spot 95


100 watt, 50 watt, 75 watt


Flood, Spot