High Wattage Fluorescent Bulbs

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Product Description

We have found some excellent low energy bulbs “High Wattage Fluorescent Bulbs” that will replacement lamps for commercial light fittings.

They can be retrofitted into existing fittings by isolating the switch gear in the fitting and taking the supply directly to the lamp holder. We can also supply complete fittings specifically designed for commercial and industrial applications.

They offer substantial wattage savings – for example the 150 watt Lamp will replace a 400 watt Metal Halide lamp and the 125 watt replaces a 250 watt metal halide.

They have several other advantages over Metal Halide lamps and gear:

They produce immediate useable light, quick start and no restart delays (metal halide lamps do not re strike when hot).

They all have integral ballasts which means you don’t need any external control gear and can easily change to a higher or lower power lamp to meet different lighting requirements.

They provide a much more simple way to convert your orange sodium or SON lights to a white light.

They have high colour rendering and maintain their lumen maintenance during their lifespan. They are available in both Daylight (which has more blue in it than a ‘white’ lamp) and Cool white colour. The daylight is our most popular colour as it gives a brighter appearing light.

They provide a very cost effective and simple way to reduce your lighting energy burn.

No need to worry about ballast/control gear failure.

The 125 and 150 watt bulbs are the stick type, the other wattages are all the spiral type


30 watt = 68mm x 200mm

45 watt = 78 x 220

60 watt = 78 x 265

75 watt = 100 x 270

95 watt = 100 x 300

125 watt = 125 x 335

150 watt = 125 x 350

Additional Information

Equivalent Wattage

100 watt Son / Metal Halide, 150 watt incandescent, 150 watt Son / Metal Halide, 200 watt incandescent, 250 watt Son / Metal Halide, 400 watt Son / Metal Halide, 70 watt Son / Metal Halide


125 watt, 150 watt, 30 watt, 45 watt, 60 watt, 75 watt, 95 watt


Giant Screw, Screw

White Colour

Cool White, Daylight