Halogen G9 Adaptor

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These Halogen G9 adapter is a fantastic idea from British company Bell

Recent European regulations now prohibit the import or manufacture of a lot of pearl and frosted bulbs. We know that a lot of people prefer the softer light or look of pearl bulbs so we have been looking for an alternative product and we think this one is a great option

To put it simply it is a base, which comes in all the regular sizes of Bayonet, Screw, Small Bayonet and Small Screw. You then put a G9 bulb halogen (also known as a halopin) in the base. This bulb can be 25 watts or 40 watts (the 25 watt is the equivalent of a 40watt old style bulb and the 40 watt one equals a 60 watt old style bulb – halogen bulbs are not fluorescent they are just more efficient)
Finally there is a choice of cover to screw onto the base. This is where you can have a pearl cover if you prefer!

There are 9 styles of covers to choose from:
A standard candle (35mm tall)
A 45mm golfball
A normal Bulb (the usual size!)
A 60mm diameter mini globe
A usual size 95mm globe
A candelux / bohemian bent tip candle
A Twisted Candle (40mm tall)
Spotlights in 50, 63 and 80mm diameter which are the common sizes
And Finally coloured covers in golfball, candle and normal bulb shape

In order to keep things simple we have put the covers as a separate item

When the halopin bulb fails (as sadly it will) all you have to do is unscrew the cover and replace the bulb!

They are dimmable too

You can also just use the base with bulb but no cover if you prefer

The Base comes with a bulb included


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25 watt, 40 watt, 60 watt


Bayonet, Screw, Small Bayonet, Small Screw