Infra Red Reflector

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Product Description

These Infra Red Reflector are large filament lamps designed to produce more heat than light they are extensively used in catering

You must use the HARD GLASS for food related activities it will not crack when spashed

All our heat lamps in this section are hard glass

The ruby reds are ideal for animal husbandry or pet care they provide a gentle warmth without much light to disturb the patient

The 250 watt is available in bayonet base only in clear. The Ruby 250 watt with a BC base has now been discontinued

The 300watt and 375watt are only in screw base and not with ruby glass

If you need a shade and a lamp you might find it easier to use the combined option, you can save a couple of quid at the same time!


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Bayonet, Screw


250 watt, 300 watt, 375 watt


Clear, Ruby