Jacketed Quartz Heat Lamps

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Product Description

This is a range of lamps dedicated to the production of heat rather than light

They are used primarily in catering but have many other applications where a heat source is required

If the lamp you have is not listed please give us a call or email us and we will try and find it for you!
Push fit connection will have small ceramic ends (like a halogen lamp in a security light)
The wire connection has two thin wires at each end
The metal strip connection has (strangely!) two thin metal strips or tabs on either end

A jacketed lamp will have a small, thin glass tube surrounded with a larger glass tube

If the lamp you have is thicker than a pencil but is ruby so you cant see inside then it is a jacketed lamp as the actual bit that lights up is about the thickness of a pencil.
Jacketed lamps also tend to have quite large ceramic ends on them – as in the picture

You can see if a lamp has a reflector or not as it is a different colour to the rest of the lamp and only on one side – obviously the reflector side must be placed at the back of the lamp so the light can shine out forwards!

You should be very careful about changing wattages as most fittings are designed to take a specific wattage so putting a higher wattage lamp in a fitting can be a fire risk.

We recommend to only replace a lamp with another of the same wattage


Additional Information


Push fit, Wire Connection


1500 watt, 300 watt, 500 watt


216mm, 346mm


Clear, Ruby