Lamp Changing Pole

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Product Description

We have finally got around to putting the Lamp Changing Pole on the web site, they really are a top quality product and consequently quite expensive

When you consider the cost of a cherry picker and the health and safety implications of using that kind of access equipment it looks a bit more reasonable, also once you have paid for it you have it forever, they are pretty much indestructible

The pole is a high quality fibre glass telescopic tube with very positive locking system which you can set at various heights up to a maximum of 20ft. It is all in feet because they come from America

It is fibreglass to ensure the operator is fully insulated from the light fitting

It works by forcing a sprung loaded basket over the lamp which holds it firmly while you unscrew the lamp

Obviously it works the same way to put a new lamp in place

Some limitations:

The light fitting must be fixed in place, not hanging on chains, it might seem obvious but you would be surprised!

The lamp must be vertical; you cannot use it on a low bay for instance which has the lamp horizontal

Although we talk about discharge lamps i.e. Son, metal halide and mercury there is no reason why you cannot use it with filament lamps as well, it is very flexible

They comes with two heads the normal one will handle most Son, metal halide and mercury lamps. The other is a very useful tool for removing broken lamp bases, it is a serrated metal spike which you push into remains of the lamp and this allows you to undo the lamp and the remains drop into the tray underneath the spike, this stops it dropping into you face as you look upwards – see the ‘more info’ page for pictures of the heads

We can supply a different basket if you have reflector type lamps, in fact there are types available to fit almost any lamp, please contact us for details

We can supply a longer 35 ft pole but you do need two people to operate it. The 20 ft pole (when you allow for the height of the operator) enables you reach lamps at over 8 metres high

Delivery time can be 4 to 5 weeks as we import them but may be faster – please contact us if you have a specific delivery deadline

If you have any questions or would like a higher resolution image please call us on 01822 860 110