Lantern Flame Candle

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Product Description

Lantern Flame candle are also known as Gold Candles or Coach Lights. They are designed to recreate the effect of oil lamps and from a distance they do just that. They have soft golden light output which looks amazing in large candle lanterns which are often used on outside walls of pubs and many houses

They do have a pleasing shape which is quite different to a normal candle bulb. They have a long life for a filament lamp (2000 hours) which makes them more suitable for outside lighting.

They are available in normal Bayonet base and only one wattage which strangely is 55 watts.

Unfortunately they are no longer being made by the mainstream manufacturers so they are becoming harder to source, an alternative would be the antique squirrel cage bulb which will also look period perfect in a old lantern. Of course if you want to go low energy then the best alternative is the LED squirrel cage bulb which is an amazing lamp designed to look just like a filament lamp but it uses only 4 watts!

Diameter: 42mm and 124mm tall

Base: Bayonet Only