Large Floodlights

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Product Description

These Large Floodlights are the outdoor Floodlights to use for your menage. Depending on the size of the arena you can use either the 250 watt or the 400. We usually recommend at least 4 fittings spaced equally along the long sides – two on either side (please contact us for more info).
You must always use metal halide lighting for a riding school and not sodium as the horses cannot see very well in the orange light.

An example: a 40m x 20m ménage could be lit with four 250watt lights if you only want to do flatwork or we would suggest upgrading to 400watts if you want to jump. Of course you can always add more lights if you want! (Do bear in mind that it isn’t easy to switch from a 250w to 400w light as the control gear is different – it’s not just a case of changing the bulb!)

Floodlights used to be very cumbersome, heavy and tricky to install. These have a die cast aluminium body for lightness. It is polyester powder coated for added protection from the elements.

They are of course fully water proof to the IP65 rating standard and so you can fit them almost anywhere,

Both the shell and the glass front (which is 5mm thick tempered glass) are easy to clean.

They are very easy to wire and need no special tools or skills to install them.

We can supply wire guards special order if you need them – please call us for more info.

They come complete with a lamp so just need power to get lit up.

You can choose between sodium bulbs which give an orange light and offer very long life or Metal halide which is white but don’t last quite so long but we a still talking about several years’ useful life.

We recommend the metal halide if you need to discern colours or carry out work under them as the sodium lamps distorts colours.

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Fitting Type

Metal Halide, Sodium


250 watt, 400 watt