LED 12 Volt Spotlight

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LED lighting is really improving as the major brands are putting a lot of effort into making a lamp that actually does what it says on the tin. these LED 12 Volt Spotlight are great

If you have Tungsten Halogen 12 volt spotlights (also known as dichroics) already these will probably fit your current downlighters and will work with most transformers.

These lamps made by Crompton are an ideal balance of quality at a competitive price. They are only 5 watts and will replace a standard 50 watt bulb. They have a massively long life of 30,000 hours (compared to the halogen ones at 1000 hours) which means they are a real fit and forget lamp.

Great for hotel corridors or in your kitchen at home to really cut those energy bills.
There are three colour tones available – Warm White and Daylight and Cool White. The warm white colour has more yellow in it and is ideally suited for home use

We recommend trying one lamp to see if you like it – you may be surprised!

Crompton 12 volt MR16 LED lamps will operate with all 12 volt DC electromagnetic transformers. They may also operate with some electronic transformers that are compatible. However, Crompton strongly recommends using these lamps in conjunction with a suitable LED driver

400 Lumen

50mm wide x 53mm tall

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White Colour

Cool White, Daylight, Warm White