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These are a direct replacement for a compact fluorescent LED 2D lamp. We are big fans of the humble 2D as it is a very useful and efficient lamp, however now you can have one that is even more efficient!
2Ds usually have a long life but these replacements have an even longer life at 25000 hours – that is over 5 years if you have them on for 12 hours a day.
They are cool white (4000K) in colour
They have a 4 pin base

7 watt = 740 lumen

13 watt = 1150 lumen

18 watt = 1850 lumen

Replacement instructions:
When working with mains voltage always consult a qualified electrician.
The existing fitting must be switched off and isolated at the mains before commencing electrical work.

Magnetic ballast: Remove starter and any power factor capacitor. Plug the 2D lamp directly into the socket.

Electronic ballast (high frequency): The electronic ballast is not required. Bypass the electronic ballast and plug the LED 2D lamp directly into the socket. The lamp socket will need to be rewired with the live to one side and the neutral to the other. The live and neutral must be wired to the appropriate socket holes and not be wired to the same side.


7 watt = 135mm wide x 31mm thick

13 watt = 173mm wide x 31mm thick

28 watt = 200mm wide x 31mm thick

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13 watt, 18 watt, 7 watt