LED 4 Watt Twist and Lock Spotlight

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If you are looking for a cost effective way to get into LED lights then these LED 4 Watt Twist and Lock Spotlight are an excellent choice. LEDs are at the cutting edge of low energy lighting technology. They not only save you money on your energy bill but their amazingly long lifespan will mean you don’t have to think about replacing them for years and years. They also start instantly with no warm up time. Crompton have introduced several fantastic options for the GU10 (twist and lock) downlight fitting.

This 4 watt option is available in two different LED types known as COB and SMD. In an SMD lamp the LEDs are mounted onto a ceramic heat sink which creates a little self contained SMD chip, you can then put as many of these as you like on a circuit board to create the required brightness. This results in a lamp with lots of smaller points of light across the front.

With a COB type lamp a wafer thin LED crystal is bonded directly onto an aluminium circuit board which means it can cool better. The LED crystal has a much larger surface area than an SMD so it is a single large spot of light rather than lots of smaller spots like the SMD. The COB type is more efficient.

You can choose whichever type you prefer, some people prefer the look of the multi led SMD type while others prefer the single light point of the COB, it’s up to you!

The COB type 4watt spotlight is equivalent to a 35watt filament bulb while the SMD type is much closer to a 50 watt equivalent.

The Cool and daylight versions of both lamps will seem slightly brighter to the eye while the warm white version more closely matches the colour of a filament lamp. With a 25,000 hour life these really are fit and forget lamps.

Traditional filament versions of these lamps usually last around only 1000 hours and use a lot more energy – they are also notoriously sensitive to voltage spikes which can also shorten their life.

All you need to do to change is remove the filament one and fit one of these – there really is no more to it than that! LED lamps contain no mercury and do not flicker so are great if you don’t like fluorescent low energy bulbs. They also produce no UV so will not fade paintings etc. Another lesser known advantage to LED bulbs is that they don’t attract insects either!


50mm wide and 55mm tall

Lumen output:

COB type Daylight and Cool White: 230 Warm White 220

SMD type Daylight and Cool White: 350 Warm White 320

Additional Information

White Colour

Cool White, Daylight, Warm White

LED Type