LED Appliance Lamp

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At last there is now an LED alternative to filament appliance lamps! Made by Crompton these LED Appliance Lamp will replace the bulbs used in your cooker hood and fridge.
They bring the usual LED advantages of very long life and amazing energy saving. You will particularly notice it in your cooker hood as the vibration of the fans often causes filament based bulbs to fail prematurely
These bulbs should last for 25,000 hours which is a huge increase on the usual 1000 hour life of traditional tungsten halogen bulbs. They are made by established lamp manufacturers Crompton so you can be sure of their longevity, safety and performance, unlike many cheaper unbranded bulbs.
Fitting is simple – just remove the old one and put one of these in!
They aren’t dimmable unfortunately but then I’m not sure how often people would need to dim their fridge bulb anyway!
They have the small screw base which is used on almost all appliance lamps

Cooker Hood Lamp
25mm wide and 85mm tall

Fridge Lamp
25mm wide and 58mm tall

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1.5 watt, 2 watt, 2.7 watt


Cooker Hood, Fridge Lamp