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LED lighting is really evolving now with the major manufacturers putting a lot of effort into developing a product that works in the real world. These LED Candle are great
These Crompton LED candles are superbly well made and have a very long life at 25 000 hours. A standard filament lamp has a life of around 1000 hours!
As these are branded lamps from a long established company you can be sure of their quality and performance.
This 4 watt led candle is equivalent to a 40 watt filament lamp so is ideal for decorative lighting in a chandelier or wall lights.
There are now dimmable versions which will work on most modern dimmers!
LEDs don’t contain mercury and are a great option if you don’t like the fluorescent alternatives to traditional filament lighting as they give great colour rendering, don’t flicker and really sparkle. They also produce no UV so will not damage paintings or furnishings near the lamp.
101mm tall and 37mm wide.
With the dimmable candle the circuit load must not exceed 10% of the maximum dimmer rating.

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