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LED Chandelier Candle

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We have been waiting for a good LED chandelier candle to come along and now we have one. As their name suggests chandelier candles are mainly used in chandeliers though they can be used anywhere where you want a small, elegant lamp that can be left in full view.

These lamps from Crompton are based on their award winning manor house range so you can be certain they will perform as promised. They have clear glass to create a sparkling light effect which is often desired for chandeliers and other elegant light fixtures.

They have a 20,000 hour life which will mean you don’t have to change them anywhere near as often as their halogen counterparts and at only 2 watts they are an equivalent to the standard 15 watt candle. What is not to like about them!

MES-E10 Cap

136 lumens

Dimensions: Height 90mm
Diameter 20mm

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