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LED Coloured Bulbs

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Everybody loves a festoon and until now the lowest wattage filament bulbs you could put in it were 15 watt. Now there are LED coloured bulbs you can use instead and they only use 2 watts each!

These coloured bulbs from Crompton are internally coated with a fade resistant paint to ensure the look won’t suffer over their long life. They are IP65 rated which means they can safely be used outside without any worries (as long as they are used in an IP65 rated socket)

LEDs are perfect for use in festoons as you don’t need lots of power for them to look amazing. As there is no filament they cope much better with harsh winds and weather too! Their long life of 20,000 hours also means you won’t have to change them as often.

They come in amber, blue, green, red and yellow colours and both bayonet and screw caps so they should cover everything you need.

We have lighting festoons available if you need one.


106 mm tall and 60 mm wide

Additional Information


Bayonet, Screw


Amber, Blue, Green, Red, Yellow

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