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LED Dichroic

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Product Description

If you have a house full of 12 volt spotlights (also know as dichroics) then you will know how much energy they can use! There is now a brilliant alternative LED dichroic that has a glass body so it looks just like the halogen lamp it replaces. This is particularly useful if you have the bulbs in full view.

It only uses 5 watts and will replace a 35 watt dichroic. They are 2700K warm white which again closely matches the light colour given off by halogen bulbs. Where they are much better is in the length of life, the LED dichroic has an average life of 20,000 hours versus the 1 to 2000 hour life of an incandescent lamp.

It is a match to the shape and size of a halogen MR16 so it should fit in light fittings that have been previously impossible to use an LED in, you can also use it in fire rated fittings.

We recommend trying one lamp to see if you like it – you may be surprised!

Crompton glass mr16 lamps will operate with all 12 volt DC electromagnetic transformers. They may also operate with some electronic transformers that are compatible. However, Crompton strongly recommends using these lamps in conjunction with a suitable LED driver

Unfortunately they are not dimmable so they cannot be used on any circuit with a dimmer in it (even if it is not ever dimmed)

350 Lumen

50mm wide x 46mm tall