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LED G4 Capsule Crompton

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Product Description

Commonly found in desk lamps and also in some wall lamp fixings LED G4 bulbs have been one of the trickiest to make as they are so small and put out so much light.

These G4 bulbs made by Crompton are a match in shape and size for a traditional halogen G4 capsule meaning you finally have a retrofit LED option available!

At only 1.5 watts these are the equivalent of an 18 watt halogen G4 lamp.

If you look at many non branded versions of these lamps they will no doubt claim a rated life of 25000 hours plus – Crompton have given their lamp a realistic lifespan of 6000 hours which is still 6 times longer than the halogen equivalent. The reality is if you squeeze this much technology into such a tiny frame it will not be as reliable as with the larger lamps. We prefer to be honest with our customers and so do not stretch the truth when it comes to how long LEDs will last!

LED’s have many benefits such as they don’t contain mercury, there is no flicker and they don’t produce UV so will not fade pictures or paint. It also goes without saying they are far more efficient than a halogen lamp!

They are available in a Warm White colour which closely matches the colour produced by a filament lamp or cool white if you want a brighter, more crisp light.

They are not yet dimmable and it is worth noting that they will probably not work on a dimmer switch even if it is never dimmed (something common to all non dimmable LEDs)

As with all 12 volt lamps they need a driver to run. Crompton have made these compatible with as wide a range as possible but some of the older ones won’t work with LEDs at all, this is because the load is so small the driver doesn’t think there is a lamp there! If you experience this problem we do have a compatible LED driver available that will definitely drive up to 6 of these bulbs.

Dimensions: 12 mm wide by 37 mm tall

Warm White G4: 95 Lumen

Cool White G4: 100 Lumen

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White Colour

Cool White, Warm White