LED G4 Capsule Bulbs

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LED G4 Capsule Bulbs made by Philips, these LED lamps will save you lots of energy. They will easily replace a 10 watt filament Halogen G4 bulb. These are commonly found in desk lamps and also in some wall lamp fixings too. Philips led lamps have a wide compatibilty with transformers so if you are struggling to find an led lamp that will run on yours these could be worth a try.

Philips have managed to make these really small so they will fit in most locations

With a life of 15,000 hours it will last for at least 3 years in a domestic setting, it will probably last far longer but we don’t like to exaggerate! It doesn’t generate the heat of the filament bulb it replaces either which is a good thing when they are contained in a small lampshade for example.

LED’s do not contain mercury and do not flicker so are great if you don’t get on with traditional fluorescent low energy bulbs. They also do not produce any UV so will not fade pictures or the paint on your walls. They aren’t dimmable unfortunately but I’m sure they are working on that!

They are available in a Warm White colour which closely matches the colour produced by a filament lamp


1.2 watt:  14.3 mm wide by 39.2 mm tall

2.5 watt: 19 mm wide by 44 mm tall (with reflector removed 38 mm tall)

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1.2 watt, 2.5 watt