LED G9 Capsule bulb

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Product Description

This LED G9 Capsule bulb made by Crompton is absolutely fantastic! Everyone knows LED lamps will save you lots of energy but they don’t always match up to the filament lamps they replace. This is particularly true with some of the smaller bulbs. These match the size of the filament version of the halopin G9 which means you can now change to LED.

The only downside is they aren’t yet dimmable but I’m sure they are working on that.

At only 2.5 watts it will easily replace a 18 watt filament Halopin bulb and is available in two colors warm white and cool white (warm white matches the colour of a filament lamp best but cool white tends to ‘look’ brighter even though that isn’t always the case)

With a life of 5,000 hours it will last for many years in a domestic setting. It doesn’t generate the heat of the filament bulb it replaces either which is a good thing when they are contained in a small lampshade for example.

LED’s do not contain mercury and do not flicker so are great if you don’t get on with traditional fluorescent low energy bulbs. They also do not produce any UV so will not fade pictures or the paint on your walls

What we get most excited about (because we are sad light bulb people) is that if you combine these with the Halogen G9 Adaptor and Halogen Adaptor Covers you can make almost any led shape bulb you can think of!

Lumens: 210


16.5mm wide by 49mm tall

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White Colour

Cool White, Warm White